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Renia's testimony


„The Lord is my shepherd” Psalm 23:1. This Bible passage was the first one which spoke to me. It happened about 26 years ago. Looking back in my life I can see that God has truly guided me. The second Bible passage that was important for me is taken from the Gospel according to Mathew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” It inspired me to commit to the work in our library.

I started to believe in God when I was 18. It happened at the Evangelization Week in Dzięgielów. However, in that time I didn’t care much for my spiritual life, because I was whole-heartedly devoted to my high-school learning. Only when I started to work everything has changed, because I was working with two wonderful women who also believed in God and who soon became my very good friends. It lasted for 3 years and it was a great time for me. In 1986 I started to develop our library. During this time the book “ A cross and a dagger” by David Wilkerson was very helpful for me. This book inspired to me to pray for our library. After that the intensive work started. It was also a time when we trade a lot with books in order to be able to buy new copies and cassettes.

At the beginning of 90's the library started to be open also on Sundays and the number of readers was increasing by about 100 people per year.

Then the second Bible passage spoke to me “That in blessing I will bless thee” Genesis 22:17. Since then my life has been a blessing. I've had a lot of friends in the church and the library has been working very well.

The year 2000 was crucial for me, as then Sylwia started to work with us and we bought a new computer and printer.

The next Bible verse that was crucial for me was “Teach me how to count my days so that I would have a wise heart.” It is essential for Christians to be a brilliant organizers and to use time in a wise way. That is why, I put more attention to developing our “Mission through libraries” , because together we can do more than alone. I’m always willing to help in establishing or developing other libraries.

I often see how important it is to have access to Christian literature. For this reason, I try very hard to extend the vision of establishing Christian libraries all over our country

Renia Świder

Centrum Misji i Ewangelizacji

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