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Prayer list


Let’s pray for:

  • The spiritual growth in Jesus Christ of the library workers, it's readers, volunteers, sponsors and other supporting people
  • For more and more people to come to our library, to make use of its collection and to engage in its work to help
  • For raising further finances to purchase new books, audio and video cassettes and CDs, office articles and be able to pay for advertisement and phone calls
  • New ideas in advertising (website, a billboard, ads in the regional newspapers, radio ads)
  • A skillful making of the catalogue of books and cassettes in the computer
  • Making of the catalogue of musical cassettes, video cassettes and CDs
  • A further development of the meetings of young adults that have been taking place in our library
  • Development and professionalism of biblical counseling
  • A further extension of the library rooms in 2010 and for finances necessary for that
  • A spiritual revival in Skoczow
  • Missionaries - blessings and effectiveness in the work they have been doing in far away countries
  • More people willing to write short books, cassettes and CDs reviews

We thank for:

  • God’s blessings and people supporting the library in many ways
  • About 1600 readers, 20 volunteers, 2 workers and sponsors
  • Constant purchase of new publications in spite of a difficult financial situation - now we have about 6700 books, 3200 cassettes, 150 video cassettes, 400 CDs, several CD-ROMS and 50 DVDs
  • The continuous growth in reading
  • The computer with the proper programs
  • The phone and internet access
  • The growth of the meetings taking place in the library
  • The collection of books that we can place in our library or give to other libraries in our system
  • More than 3500 summaries of the books and more than 700 descriptions to audio cassettes
  • Advertising in magazines and distribution of several thousands of library brochures
  • The making of many covers for the audio cassettes that didn't have them
  • The old card catalogue
  • 20 years of experience in the library work
  • Legal advisors

Centrum Misji i Ewangelizacji

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