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Our readers said


Ewa Bujok

I've been using the library for a few years. I browse in it to find something that could strengthen weak sides of my personality, I read psychological books and chose suitable cassettes. I like books in which characters are experiencing God's love. I also treat borrowed books as kind of a guide to the Bible which I don't always understand. I'm also inspired when a plot of a book comprise a confirmation of the Bible passage: ”But he who listens to me shall live securely And will be at ease from the dread of evil.”(Proverbs 1:33). Thanks to a nice staff, I have been experiencing the kind and friendly atmosphere throughout the whole time of using the library.

Gustaw Hojdysz

I'm a regular reader of the Christian Library that belong to the Lutheran Parish in Skoczów. The library is in the possession of a rich collection of valuable books for adults, youth as well as children. Besides books you can find there also audio cassettes with Bible lectures, video cassettes with interesting films and CDs with religious songs and music. People who work at the library do an excellent job and they are always ready help to chose an interesting book which can make faith and spiritual life grow stronger. I encourage everyone to make use of this rich collection of books.

Renata Kajzar

According to R. Bacon, “a book is a ship of thoughts which sales through the oceans of time carrying its precious load with care”. The parish library in Skoczów encourages to make such a travel through other people's worlds. The library is in a possession of many guidebooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, Bible dictionaries and commentaries to particular books of God's Word. Thanks to such books we can get to know and understand the Bible better. We also have books concerning a spiritual life, service, or history of the Church which may also be useful in gaining knowledge. Moreover, shelves in our library don't lack for the Christian novels which will let you relax and forget about your troubles as well as change boring moments into a time of joy. In addition, the library has got something for the youngest readers and their parents. Children can find here valuable tales and Bible stories. For adults, on the other hand, there are waiting pedagogical and psychological books concerning children's upbringing and education.

Roman Kaleta

I'm a pensioner. I use the library only for a view years. I' trying to make up for the time when I didn't have time to read. The books that I've read let me understand many themes and truths form the Bible better. I would like to recommend a few books which are especially worth reading: “Jesus as our destination” by W. Busch which should be often read over. I will also mention a few interesting titles: “The Awakening starts in me”, “With Jesus through life” by A. Jagucki, “Always with Jesus” also by A. Jagucki.

Ewa Karzełek

I have been using “The library for everyone.” for many years. As a mother of 9 children, I can say that a suitable book offered to children helped me to overcome the problems connected with their upbringing. My children read almost all publications from the collection of books for children and youth. When I needed advice on how to deal with my teenagers a great book “The boundaries in teenagers” lives helped me a lot. When I entered menopause I also found an reasonable help and advice.
I'm deeply confirmed that following God and His word is the only wise way of living. That is why, I think that books which help to shape faith and obedience to God's expectations are necessary for everybody. Such types of cassettes, CDs and books are available in our library.
I'm not afraid that my children will read something invaluable, but I know that the materials from the “Library for everyone” will encourage them to act in a proper way and will help them to find the purpose and sense of life as well as let them have fun.

Marcin Podżorski

For me, Christian music is very helpful in different situations. Very often, when I'm depressed by a certain situation, I think about different songs praising God. That prevents me from worrying about the problems because I know that there is someone who loves me and helps me. In happy moments I like to listen to joyful songs which give me strength and happiness. When I want to rest, I listen to calm hymns, praising God or instrumental compositions. I think that we should thank God for the fact that there are more and more Christian groups nowadays. Thanks to that the Gospel can reach the greater number of people.

Halina Rusin

I was always interested in biographies of famous people. How did they live, in what kind of environment did they grow up, how did they deal with the life difficulties and in what way were they useful for others? However, I benefit especially from reading about people who got to know Jesus as their Savior thanks to God's grace. I've been reading such books recently. They tell stories about the lives of Hindu who was being prepared for becoming a guru from his childhood (The Death of a Guru. Rabi R. Maharaj), a mason who had a very high position in the organization (The Deadly Deception, James D. Shaw) and a priest who was privileged and respected ( The pilgrimage from Rome, B.F. Brewer). Their biographies show that recognition and prosperity alone don't make people entirely happy. It is often the way as the proverb says: “Pomposity outside, but the emptiness inside.” When those people started to read the Bible, the power of God's Word changed their hearts and they find the sense of their lives in telling other people about God. Similar plot can be found in the a book that I'm reading now (autobiography “The Pilot Evangelist” by Kazimierz Murant). I knew the author personally, because we belonged to the same parish. The book is worth reading, because it shows lives of believers in pre-war Poland and PRL taking into consideration relations between the government, the church and people.

Renia Szarek

The Bible is for me a book that I can read all over again. God’s Word shows me who God is, what is His plan towards me and, what is the most important, reveals His deep love towards us – people. The Bible has the promise, thanks to which I can rest in God, receive the feeling of security in this insecure world. And I receive something more – ETERNAL LIFE, promised to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Robert Szczypka

“Man does not live on bread alone” Matthew 4:4 Despite this fact so many people try to satisfy their hunger with those things which are offered by the world. I myself often forget about our Lord's words in the buzz of daily news, work, TV, problems, joy and other things. The life, however, seems to be something more that here and now. In my opinion, the only source that can satisfy a spiritual hunger is a well-developed and well-run parish library in Skoczów. Here you can borrow something to listen to, read and watch. The collected books are devoted to almost all possible topics. They are concerned with daily problems and they help to deal with them by means of God's Word. Loneliness, additions, children's upbringing, marital and personal crisis, job, depression etc. Each cassette and book is clearly described so that you can quickly find the topic you are interested in. Here I usually turn to a knowledgeable and very kind staff. I recommend this library to everyone.

Rudolf Szczypka

A rich collection of books and tapes connected with Christian themes. A reliable, competent and really nice staff. The library is truly worth being recommended.

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