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How to start a Christian library?


  • Pray
  • Find suitable people
  • Those who will be involved in their faith in Jesus Christ
  • Responsible
  • Willing to sacrifice
  • Share responsibilities resulting from the existence and functioning of the library (lending, buying new books, writing into registry, stamping, advertising, bookkeeping, caring about funds, sending reminders, cleaning, completing the catalogue)
  • Find a safe place for the books
  • Raise funds for books, cassettes, maybe also furniture
  • Organize the collection of books
  • Organize office articles and cling film for the covering of the books
  • Find a good wholesale, publishing house or a bookstore where you can buy or borrow books
  • Make regulations, decide on opening hours, have a stamp made
  • Decorate the library room
  • Train the new library workers
  • When the library gets bigger (about 1000 titles) inform us about it to get a catalogue shelf with the cards catalogue

Centrum Misji i Ewangelizacji

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