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Aims and plans



Propagating the life based on the Bible, especially through:

  • Education
  • Joining the environment
  • Creating friendships
  • Teaching people to cooperate
  • Educating the youth through cooperation
  • Counselling
  • Promoting the moral and ethical life
  • Taking care of the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, emotional and aesthetic development
  • Promoting healthy life
  • Help in the foreign languages learning (through tapes and books)
  • Help for the gifted and talented youth



  • Further development of the already existing libraries
  • Creating new mission libraries in the whole country
  • Printing paper catalogs for the libraries of our system



Broadcasting Christian books among people from the parishes, beginning from the youth and in other groups, through:

  • Lending Christian books, audio and VHS tapes, CD, DVD and magazines
  • Meetings with the readers
  • Reading-rooms in the libraries
  • Organizing discussion meetings


What gives us accumulating the books, tapes and magazines?

  • After some time we have much greater choice of the titles than in the book shop
  • You can save more through borrowing than buying
  • You can meet the interest of young people (e.g. Music)
  • Joining the environment
  • A very good place for the counseling
  • Educating the youth through cooperation

Centrum Misji i Ewangelizacji

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